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What is Reiki?

Reiki is Universal Life Energy that is channeled through the hands of an attuned Reiki Practitioner.

Reiki views the body, mind, spirit and soul as interdependent systems to promote holistic healing.

It goes right to the area that needs healing that may be causing energy blocks to total physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

Reiki is becoming a recognized as an effective healing modality associated with energy body work. It is also being recognized in the medical community as complementing medical therapies and treatments.

Healing Touch and Energy

The universe is made up and connected by energy. Reiki channels or transmits the healing energy of the Universe through the Reiki Practitioner‘s hands to the client or animal.

This is called ” Reiki Gentle Healing Touch.”

Human touch can be a source of warmth, serenity and healing that is brought forth from caring and love. Animals and humans radiate this warmth and energy which is the Universal Life Force of God’s Healing Grace and Love.

An Ancient Sacred Tradition

The laying on of hands is an ancient sacred tradition of healing. The Universal Life Source is just that universal.

It covers all sources of faith that bears the name of its Higher Source of Being. This includes Christianity, Judaism, Muslim, Buddhism and more.

Reiki is the healing energy of love and compassion to All who seek to overcome stress and pain within their mind, body and souls.

How Is Reiki Provided? 

Reiki continues the ancient tradition of “the laying on of hands” which is provided in a quiet setting, called ” Creating Sacred Space.” Within this quiet, sacred space, a massage table is used for the client to relax on to the peaceful sounds of birds, nature and meditative music. Reiki does not require the removal of clothing which makes it even more comfortable for the client. Many clients go into a deep, meditative state of relaxation of mind, body and soul once Reiki begins.

The Beneficial Effects of Reiki Gentle Healing Touch

After a brief meditation the Reiki Practitioner will ask the client’s permission to begin the laying on of hands. After permission is received, the Reiki Practitioner will begin the gentle touch of the laying on of hands.

With Reiki, Angels and Spirit Guides will be called upon for assistance and guidance. Clients often report experiencing a deep, sacred Presence that may include feeling a ” Second Pair of Hands” upon their body along with the Reiki Practitioner. Others report experiencing the Presence of Angels, Spirit Guides and Passed Over Loved Ones.

The client will begin to feel a peaceful serenity and quietly yield to the warmth and love of Reiki healing touch. A full Reiki session is normally one hour and can be longer. After this beautiful healing touch session is complete, clients report a very peaceful feeling.

Many notice that the effects of Reiki carry over into their lives after their gentle healing touch sessions. The reason is that Reiki continues its healing touch days and weeks after one session.

Many come back for regular Reiki sessions for the peace, love, healing and spiritual awakening it brings to their lives which also includes stress and pain relief.

Reiki for Individuals with Special Needs

Reiki is also provided for individuals who have medical conditions that require them to be housebound or in a medical facility. Reiki  is provided to those confined to wheelchairs, bed care or wherever it is comfortable for the client.

Reiki is not limited to the massage table for healing touch therapy.

Reiki  goes to wherever the convalescing or medically comprised client is residing. This includes hospitals, skilled nursing care, assisted living, hospice or housebound clients.

 Reiki  offers special discounted group rates to healthcare facilities to bring Reiki’s peaceful healing touch to their patients who desire it.

Loss of a Pet

Reiki for Life Transitions is comforting and beneficial for pets and their owners when the time for transition from life to death must be made.

Reiki can be a healing comfort for pet owners after their pets have transitioned from this life. Include Reiki for Life Transitions as an intricate part of the grieving process.

As in humans, Reiki  for Animals views the body, mind, spirit and soul of our pets and wildlife as interdependent systems to promote holistic healing.

Reiki, End of Life and Bereavement

The loss of a loved one can be one of extreme grief and soul searching. The bereavement process is a personal journey that can leave many feeling so alone and isolated from their friends and family.

 Reiki For Life Transitions can bring the warmth of a gentle loving touch, peace of mind, and a personal sacred space in which to grieve and begin the journey to healing. Healing is a process and Reiki can bring you the serenity and clarity on each step of your healing journey.

Reiki Death Midwife for Peaceful Dying

We also provide  Reiki for End of Life issues and concerns. Mary Jane Brigger  is a Reiki Master Death Wife. She offers Reiki and spiritual guidance for those who are facing terminal illnesses and end of life issues.  “Reiki Death Midwifing for Peaceful  Dying ” information. 


Mary Jane Brigger is owner and founder of The Soul Care Experience where Hearts Are Healed and Souls Awakened with inner healing experiences that include Intuitive Reiki for Life Transitions, Soul Awakening,Reiki for Peaceful Relaxation and The Body Story Experience. 

Mary Jane is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Body Story Expert, Reiki Death Midwife and Intuitive Spiritual Guide who customizes her services to meet your specific needs and includes:

1.Personalized and confidential experience in a quiet, calming natural setting.
2.Reiki for housebound and convalescing individuals who cannot leave their homes due to medical issues.
3.Reiki for residents in assisted living and skilled nursing care.
4.Reiki is highly recommended to healthcare providers and volunteers who may be experiencing burnout or compassion fatigue.
5.Reiki for bereavement can be an integral part of an individual’s grieving process

The Benefits of Reiki  Include:
1.Relief from stress and anxiety.

2.A sacred time and space created just for YOU! No cell phones, no kids, no bosses, no one to disturb the peace and quiet of Reiki Healing Touch.
3.A gentle way for spiritual soul seekers to experience the awakening and awareness of their Spirit and True Self.
4.Reiki can provide personal and spiritual comfort and insight to those experiencing life crisis and transitions such as grief from personal illness, job loss or the passing on of a loved one.
5.Provides soulful comfort to those suffering from chronic and/or emotional illness or end of life issues.

Two Reiki Mystical Relaxation Experiences Offered

90 Minute Session


    •  Full body energy alignment of mind and spirit  with chakra /aura field grounding, balancing and clearing.
    • Brings deep relaxation  down to the cellular level to promote peace and balance to the mind, body and soul.  

    • Provides awakening souls with deeper, more profound connection to their Spirit

    • Relaxation brings balance, peace and harmony to promote wellbeing in mind, body and soul.

    • Intuitively targeting and releasing blocked energy centers within the body.

    • Provides a mystical path to fully awaken the soul to one’s Spirit and Life Purpose.  

    • Connecting to and calling in the Healing Angels and Archangels for personal guidance and direction.

    • Connecting to and calling in Ascended Masters and Higher Deities for personal guidance and direction.

    • Promotes a mystical, more profound connection to one’s Spirit for personal guidance and awakening.

    • Essential oils and crystals to anoint and raise the energetic vibration for increased soul awakening, relaxation, and spiritual connection in peace and harmony.


Anchors the Energy of Love within the body to promote inner healing, compassion, forgiveness, clarity, grace, intuition and a Loving Presence.

Reiki Relaxation and Personal Meditation Experience

2-2.5 Hours


This personal one on one experience teaches you how to meditate for relaxation and soul centering that includes receiving a full Reiki session afterwards.. In this 2-21/5 experience you will learn the hands on basics of how to meditate followed by Reiki that will provide you the ultimate experience of relaxation of mind and body with soul awakening attuning to your Spirit.

What Is Reiki Relaxation and Personal Meditation Experience  

We begin first with the basics of how to meditate and breath work to center oneself for relaxation
Then, a personalized meditation that integrates the mind, body and soul which then can be used as a daily meditation practice.
Crystals, essential oils and soothing music are used to enhance the meditation experience.
Upon completion of  calming, peaceful meditation, it is time to for relaxing, mystical Reiki to awaken the soul and attune to your Spirit.

What Are the Benefits Of Reiki Relaxation and Meditation Experience:

-Teaches and guides you on how to meditate or enhance your current meditation practice.
-Includes full, 90 Minute Reiki Mystic Relaxation Experience.
-Full body energy alignment of mind, spirit  with chakra /aura field grounding, balancing and clearing through.
-Brings deep relaxation to the body down to cellular level to promote peace, balance  and harmony
-Provides awakening souls with deeper, more profound connection to their Spirit
-A personal meditation practice you can use every day for relaxation, clarity and soul awakening.
-Combines the peaceful energy of Reiki with calming meditation for a full, holistic inner healing experience of mind, body and soul.

Ask for group rates for friends, family or the workplace!

Share Reiki Relaxation and Meditation with your friends, family or your workplace to promote peace, harmony and balance to all your relationships and your personal life.

Both Reiki Mystical Relaxation Experience and Reiki Relaxation and Meditation Experience are held at:

Healing Cottage with FlowersThe Healing Cottage

West Salem, Ohio

Enjoy the quiet of nature in a rural environment of nature’s peaceful energy. 

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