November 2017!

Soul Care Experience Will Become: Career Path Success, LLC

Bridging Conscious Awareness With  Career and Personal Success

Why the Change?

This year marked many life transitions for me including my career. In order to make sense of the challenges of these life transitions, I went deep within myself where the deeper mysteries of Spirit were revealed. The message from these deeper mysteries was the time had come for me to step into my Authentic Self , Express My True Voice and Become the Woman I was Born To BE.

Services In Grew In Demand for More Personal Empowerment Coaching

As these mystical messages were revealed to me, my spiritual guidance  services evolved and grew in demand as more women began requesting more personal one on one empowerment coaching and retreats.

Many of these women had become disempowered by:

Unrealistic expectations of themselves

Poor relationships

Low self esteem

Chronic illness

Career changes

Extreme stress

Life crisis and Transitions

All these and more that had left these women completely lost to who they were and what their life  purpose was.

The women I was seeing were experiencing physical, emotional and spiritual distress and came from different or shared paths in life that included:

Business Owners

Wives, Mothers

Career Professionals

Chronically Ill

Spiritually awakened women with experiences they could not explain

Women in transition from job loss, career changes, divorce, death of spouse.

These women in their sacred wisdom began to realize that in order to Become the Woman They Were Born To BE, they needed to step deeper into their spirituality to reconnect with their Authentic Self and Sacred Feminine Energy which that had long been denied or hidden from them.

So What is Career Path Success?

At Career Path Success, we bridge career, leadership and life coaching services with Conscious Awareness to inspire women to “ BEcome the Woman They Were Born To BE. “ Women become empowered when they confidently  embrace and express their  life Authentically  With True Voice  Power  and Purpose, which leads to career and personal life success.

Blend of Sacred Wisdom With Modern Positive Thought Psychology

Our services are a blend of Sacred Wisdom with Modern Positive Thought Psychology that will provide in depth help and guidance in bringing forth your Authentic Self, Expressing Your True Voice and Living Your Life With Purpose.

We help to release the life dramas that has kept you separated from your Authentic Self with steps and guidance to remembering the remarkable woman you are and were born to BE. We help women to shift their minds from limiting beliefs of themselves to Becoming the Woman They Were Born To Be with more personal power and purpose in their lives and careers.

Career Path Success, LLC Services

Our new and expanded services are based on The MindShift Experience that guides and shifts your mind, body and soul to thinking, doing and being your Authentic Self. As you embrace the energy of your Authenticity, you will freely and powerfully express Your True Voice that opens the doors to more success in your career, purpose and life!

Plus! Reiki

We will still be offering Mystical Reiki and Relaxation Reiki Experiences at The Healing Cottage!

As the website is updated with our new name and services, stay in contact with me!

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Career Path Success, LLC

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Thank You!

I look forward to serving you with our new name and expanded services!

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