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 Angelic Reiki Meditation

     A Guided Meditation To Meet Your Angels With Reiki Energy

 Saturday, May 13, 2017

Two Angelic Reiki Meditations Offered

 11:00am-12:30pm    2:00-3:30pm

  Choose a Time That Is Best For You!

Receive Reiki Energy from our Reiki Masters as you meditate with the Angels! Reiki will be provided by what is called “Chair Reiki” were each Reiki Master will come up from behind you while you are seated and meditating, place their hands on your shoulders and channel Sacred Reiki Energy into you! 




Save $5.00!

Includes Admission To the Great Conjunction Expo & Psychic Fair
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Includes Admission To the Great Conjunction Expo & Psychic Fair

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Great Conjunction Expo & Psychic Fair

May 13-14, 2017

Clarion Inn  6625  Dean Memorial Pkwy Hudson, Ohio 44236

Angels of the Afterlife

                          An Angelic Journey To Understanding Life Beyond Death Mary Jane Brigger Reiki Master/Teacher Reiki Death Midwife Intuitive Spiritual Guide and Writer In this workshop, we will meet the Angels and Archangels of the Afterlife. These loving, angelic beings serve a specific purpose […]

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“How to Connect With and Recognize Your Angels”

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How I Met My Guardian Angel

Two years ago, I experienced my guardian angels in such a profound way that it saved my life….”  I was recuperating from a bad fall that shattered my elbow and required major surgery. Regaining my strength back after the fall and surgery took some time. One day I felt I was strong  enough to get […]

New! Angelic Reiki Therapy

New! Angelic Reiki Therapy  Angelic Reiki Therapy calls upon the high vibration of the Angelic Realm to connect with the peaceful, calming energy of Reiki. As these two powerful healing energies are called together, it  generates a greater vibration of energy that promotes healing balance within the mind, body and soul. Angelic Reiki attunes one […]

Healing Messages from Your Angels

 Life can become confusing at times, bringing with it pain and doubt that influences how we live our lives. Healing Messages from Your Angels, channneled by Mary Jane Brigger, are a way to get in touch  with your angels  to ask specific questions regarding a life issue or crisis Healing Messages from Your Angels      […]

Soul Care Experience Events for 2016

Soul Care Experience is excited to announce its events for 2016! We have more events in the planning , so stayed tuned!       March 20, 2106 How to Connect with Your Angels Books, Nooks & Nibbles 8047 Broadview Rd Broadview Heights, Ohio 44147  12:00-2:00pm $25.00 For More Information Contact Mona: 440-832-6696   April […]

Tapping Into Your Inner Shaman for Career and Personal Success

Shamans are called ” Medicine People”  by indigenous tribes and Energy Medicine Practitioners in this  current day and age .Shamans walk between the worlds of spirit and work directly  with  energy. When confronted with a problem or situation , Shamans go within and become the ” Observer” of the issue, tapping into the spirit of […]

Jumpstart Your Career With Blue Moon Energy!

      Today, July 31, 2015, we have a Blue Full  Moon that is creating the energy of new opportunities, manifestation and new beginnings.   A Blue Moon, occurs every three years when there are two full moons in one month. This is where the saying ” Once in a Blue Moon” comes from […]